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The Runner’s Camp coaches are men and women with track and field experience and knowledge who can teach and demonstrate the different track and field events to the kids. They will be recruited and selected by the camp director.

Prerequisites: Coaches must have expertise in some area of track and field.

Time commitment: Two hours of orientation prior to camp. Three hours of teaching and instruction each day during the camp.

Age Group Leaders

These volunteers are the heart and soul of Runner’s Camp experience. We have an adult age group recruiter who works with the camp director to find volunteers. They work together to place the leaders with the right group. We do allow the age group leaders to request which group they would like to work with (some do and some don’t want to work with their own children’s groups). Age Group Leaders work with one specific age and sex during the whole week. They will teach curriculum to the kids during the morning and lead and manage the group through each day’s rotation.

Prerequisites: Must have a personal relationship with Christ, and a desire to mentor children between the ages of 6-12. No track experience is necessary.

Time commitment: Two hours of training prior to camp. Five hours of teaching and managing kids each day during the camp.

Other Adult Volunteers

We are also in need of adult volunteers.  These jobs are filled by men and women who are usually unable to attend the entire camp but would like to contribute.

  1. Set up team (assisted by youth volunteers)- This is a good job for men (and women) who have to work but can come early and help with the camp set up. (Arrives @ 7am)
  2. Tear down crew- Same as above but they arrive at 11:30 am to begin taking down the camp and storing away equipment.
  3. Videographer- Someone to shoot video of the kids and for promotional purposes.
  4. Photographer-  Pictures are taken to put on the website at a later day.
  5. Food Court Helpers – Aid with preparation and serving of snacks during the camp hours.

Youth Volunteers

The Youth Volunteers are recruited and managed by the Youth Volunteer Coordinator. These youth do a number of assorted jobs.

Prerequisites: Willingness to serve the kids and staff.

Time commitment: Youth volunteers attend a one-hour training session the week before the camp. Youth Volunteers work four hours each day of camp

Positions include:

Helper for the Age Group Leader– Youth will be assigned to a specific age group and assist adult age group leader with their specific age group through the course of the week.  We attempt to have one youth volunteer working with each age group.

Game Station management-  Some youth are assigned to manage the games stations and to help some of the coaches at their stations.

•Hydration Team – Provide water to number hydration stations through the camp site.

Event Set up– All youth volunteers are asked to help out in the setting up and dismantling of each day’s camp.

First Aid Station – For those interested and qualify operating the first aid station is an area of service you can participate.

Volunteer applications are collected by the Youth Volunteer Coordinator. Some volunteers are allowed to specify where they would like to work. Youth volunteers receive a special color t-shirt (color determined by job).

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